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    SLVMBER  7 minutes back

    "All of the proceeds from my inane YT videos will be going to a scholarship for the kid whos future we derailed so my mom could brag about her daughters at cocktail parties." *put up or shut up*

    • Donna Bey
      Donna Bey  8 minutes back

      Girl bury your head in the sand like the ostrich you are. Wtf is she talking about 😖

      • PopePlayzVEVO 5678
        PopePlayzVEVO 5678  10 minutes back

        I’m so proud of this community for giving this cheater more dislikes than likes

        • Liam Kelly
          Liam Kelly  11 minutes back

          Yall are so mean 😭😭😭 wtf

          • Marie X
            Marie X  16 minutes back

            miss you

            • Clémence Combrisson
              Clémence Combrisson  16 minutes back

              Did she killed your parents or something? Stop being so mean with people as soon as you have the opportunity! It scares me to see what the group effect can do.....Yes it was a bad idea to come back on youtube because yes she did a very bad thing but everyone makes mistakes, and even if it’s big , she is still a human being and who knows if you wouldn’t do the same thing if you were her? You truly are acting like piece of shit right now, so do you think you are better than her? Do you feel good when you look in the mirror after saying such awful things to someone? If this is not your business please just calm down, go to sleep and learn how to be kind with people thank you.

              • Milbrose
                Milbrose  21 minutes back

                Seriously dumber than a box of rocks

                • y t
                  y t  27 minutes back

                  Put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig 🙄💄🐖🐷

                  • a j o g
                    a j o g  33 minutes back

                    I think I'm probs the only one who feels bad for her and acc wants to see her vids again

                    • Chapstick Addict
                      Chapstick Addict  35 minutes back

                      I hate to say it, but it's hard to feel sorry for a rich person while you are living paycheck to paycheck and would have to work very hard to get into college. it's amazing to me how out of touch these rich elites are. This video is not relatable to anyone expect an elite rich. What you and your parents did was slap those who tried so hard to get into college yet you paid to get in. How dare any of you believe that is okay.

                      • Nelly
                        Nelly  39 minutes back

                        Olivia, I wish you Well! 😀

                        • Terence Brashear
                          Terence Brashear  41 minutes back

                          Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG My life is complete! What sort of great stuff can you share? What was it like to be on the the Chairman of the USC Trustee's yacht with Rick Caruso and how did it feel to have to turn around because your silly parents?

                          • Michelle Wagner
                            Michelle Wagner  45 minutes back

                            Oh she is so sad....
                            Cringeworthy to watch...
                            Delusional girl who clearly cares only for herself!

                            • Stickapot
                              Stickapot  50 minutes back

                              Hey Asshole, go do some volunteer work. you vapid POS you have more money than GOD stop being so superficial

                              • saturninedreamz
                                saturninedreamz  1 hours back

                                You’re so fucking self-absorbed, it’s disgusting. You’re legit one of the ugliest people I know and I really hope karma slaps you in your entitled, whiny, self-pitying fake ass face.

                                • Toiisha
                                  Toiisha  1 hours back

                                  I dont know why everyone is mad at her but they disliked so I will too

                                  • Jose Alba
                                    Jose Alba  1 hours back

                                    All u haters leave her alone.

                                    • Zoe Rooney
                                      Zoe Rooney  1 hours back

                                      All she’s doing is ensuring her vids remain monitized by posting this! Not learned a thing.. fake af!!!

                                      • northsidedenver
                                        northsidedenver  1 hours back

                                        This video makes me think of Mona Lisa Saperstein yelling "MONEY PLEASE!!!!!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyNAlLO1KlE

                                        • Ronald Lazarte
                                          Ronald Lazarte  1 hours back

                                          You should going to jail too u spoiled brat you knew damn well what u were doing and now u just ruined Mama's chances for leniency

                                          • Sunflower Girl
                                            Sunflower Girl  1 hours back

                                            HEY! To all you bullies who feel the need to attack this sweet person, SHAME ON YOU! How dare you be such hypocrites and point your finger at this young lady saying that you or anyone you love has never made a mistake and blame shifting and making fun of this young lady in any way. You need to grow up and leave her alone. A lot of the comments on this thread are so immature and painful for me to read, I cant imagine how Olivia must feel reading your pathetic immature trash. If you can't say anything nice, then move on, and work on your own hearts, you should be ashamed of yourself. It would be wise for viewers to encourage and support Olivia, she has enough going on as it is, she doesn't need bullying and manipulating comments. Olivia, I'm sorry for all the mean things people are saying to you, they're obviously just jealous and hypocrites who pretend that their lives are perfect, they'll answer to God for attacking your heart, I am excited for you to continue your passion and look forward to seeing more videos. God bless you <3

                                            • Honeybee Davidson
                                              Honeybee Davidson  1 hours back

                                              y dont u get a REAL JOB! U will need it when yr parents go to jail!

                                              • Troy
                                                Troy  1 hours back

                                                She has money she doesn't need a real job so go troll away.

                                            • lucaboden
                                              lucaboden  1 hours back

                                              Poor girl. Her only friends are the strangers on Youtube. She cares more about strangers approval than her own parents and family.

                                              • Mark Willard
                                                Mark Willard  1 hours back

                                                Can somebody really be this stupid?

                                                • Troy
                                                  Troy  1 hours back

                                                  Well you clicked so.. Yes lol.

                                              • Michael T
                                                Michael T  2 hours back

                                                Hope you're ready to have two incarcerated parents

                                                • Shy Mej
                                                  Shy Mej  2 hours back

                                                  I think you should be worrying about your mom not going to jail. Instead of filming your vlog, its time to grow up.

                                                  • Bacio Global
                                                    Bacio Global  2 hours back

                                                    Spoiled brat!

                                                    • David Arcuri
                                                      David Arcuri  2 hours back


                                                      • Kaleb Chavez
                                                        Kaleb Chavez  2 hours back

                                                        This chick is painfully annoying...😒

                                                        • Jake Carsten
                                                          Jake Carsten  2 hours back

                                                          Definitely bought likes

                                                          • leicanoct
                                                            leicanoct  2 hours back

                                                            Olivia is very brave. I can imagine how many hate moments are on this video. But we can blame children for their parents actions. I hope she can start to move forward with her life.

                                                            • Troy
                                                              Troy  7 minutes back

                                                              @Adam Warlock If you clicked on her video, yes she does. This is why Youtube has her video on the trending list. Youtube takes 50% of the profits what subscribers make from views. Blocking Ads doesn't block views lol.

                                                            • leicanoct
                                                              leicanoct  9 minutes back

                                                              Adam Warlock by you making a comment you just earned her a couple of bucks.

                                                            • Adam Warlock
                                                              Adam Warlock  17 minutes back

                                                              @Troy Adblocker FTW. She doesnt get a dime from me.

                                                            • Troy
                                                              Troy  24 minutes back

                                                              @Adam Warlock You do realize by clicking on her video you yourself have contributed. Subscribers make money off of views. Highly unlikely her parents are going to get 40 years when only 2 people have been sentenced one received 11 days and another 6 months.

                                                            • Adam Warlock
                                                              Adam Warlock  47 minutes back

                                                              @Troy ...and 2 parents possibly going to prison for 40 years because of her and her sister.....and all she's concerned with is her youtube. Yeah, she's smart. Lucky she has even dumber sheep like you following her.

                                                          • dearaaadaaa
                                                            dearaaadaaa  2 hours back

                                                            Your parents are going to jail and you asked if you should go back to youtube at this time? I have not seen anyone as disgusting as you are.

                                                            • king 28
                                                              king 28  2 hours back

                                                              Olivia is worthless

                                                              • mmike1165
                                                                mmike1165  2 hours back

                                                                Delete your account.

                                                                • Troy
                                                                  Troy  1 hours back

                                                                  Maybe you shouldn't click.

                                                              • Moon Mountain_
                                                                Moon Mountain_  3 hours back

                                                                Stupid selfish child, be more worried about your parents going in the slammer, you will never live this down, but you don't give a shit do you

                                                                • Adam Warlock
                                                                  Adam Warlock  3 hours back

                                                                  Wow. How heartless. Betraying your mom like this after all she's went through for you.. Now, you're only concerned with your rep. You should be ashamed.

                                                                  • Michael Edelstone
                                                                    Michael Edelstone  3 hours back


                                                                    • Cherrylips
                                                                      Cherrylips  3 hours back


                                                                      • Kyle Angeles
                                                                        Kyle Angeles  3 hours back

                                                                        Lol idk why everyone is so mad at her 😅 her parents are the ones who did everything, she didn’t even want to go to college

                                                                        • jviyfg
                                                                          jviyfg  3 hours back

                                                                          The only chance at redemption for you is to do something meaningful with your life and your time. Use your privilege to do something good for other people. I mean do something genuinely, and not to get credit for it. Uploading vain/inane videos again (you might want to look these words up in the dictionary) is 100% the wrong thing to do be doing, it just shows that you have probably learned nothing from the whole dirty business of cheating your way into a college spot that you neither appreciated or deserved

                                                                          • Troy
                                                                            Troy  1 hours back

                                                                            Redemption? LOL She didn't kill anyone she took 1 spot 9 months ago. A spot she didn't even want. What a stupid comment lol.

                                                                        • Tallulah Torres
                                                                          Tallulah Torres  3 hours back

                                                                          You suck

                                                                          • Joshua Smith
                                                                            Joshua Smith  3 hours back

                                                                            Take a long walk off of a short pier you narcissistic piece of shit

                                                                            • Troy
                                                                              Troy  1 hours back

                                                                              Maybe you should take your own advice.

                                                                          • Jeffrey martinez
                                                                            Jeffrey martinez  3 hours back

                                                                            Me :Girl just go away......
                                                                            My dark side: no wait let's watch, people are going bury her like what Eminem's going to do to Nick Cannon .

                                                                            • Lidia fvxx
                                                                              Lidia fvxx  3 hours back

                                                                              when are u uploading?

                                                                              • Sharon Marie
                                                                                Sharon Marie  3 hours back

                                                                                Looking for a quick buck. No compassion no remorse

                                                                                • Piston Hurricane
                                                                                  Piston Hurricane  3 hours back

                                                                                  Vivid is calling, you better pick up.

                                                                                  • Sharon Marie
                                                                                    Sharon Marie  3 hours back

                                                                                    Go away you're a liar. You're just trying to get back the money!

                                                                                    • Myra Freeman
                                                                                      Myra Freeman  4 hours back

                                                                                      Twat. Uneducated, why would anyone follow someone who clearly didn't even graduate HS.